Experiencial Luxury Hotels of India

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Hotels with a twist of unique experiences along with refined luxury!

India is known for its hospitality and taking care of guests is something Indians consider sacred and a privilege. It’s no secret that you’ll find the most gracious hosts, the warmest welcomes and the kindest courtesies in this country. 

However, some go a little further than the rest, the ones who not just give you the best service and luxurious rooms but do it in unique spots, offer great experiences and bring the authentic local culture into their walls. 


Here’s our pick of top 10 experiential luxury hotels across India, while these may or may not be the most expensive luxurious property in a city (we know you know about umaid bhawan, udaivilas and the likes already) – these are the ones we love for the small things they take care of and the ones you get to stay at when you travel with us!


1. Brunton Boatyard CGH Earth, Kochi – Nestled inside the historic Fort Kochi, you can almost hear the cannon fire and history dripping from it’s walls. Run by the CGH Earth group, it’s our favourite for all things but especially because of how sustainably it’s managed. CGH Earth’s initiatives are applaud worthy and all their properties across different parts of south India are equally charming, luxurious and earth friendly. 


2. Jalakara, Havelock Island This boutique villa resort is an island dream located on a dream island. We won’t get into how gorgeous Havelock is but we will talk about the aesthetics of this resort. With earthy tones and local materials used, each room is a sanctuary you can retreat to. Managed impeccably by the team on ground, no matter how much time you spend here it’ll be less. 


3. Samode Haveli, JaipurSamode is the quintessential boutique luxury property. It’s royal, it’s magnificent, it’s exclusive and it’ll leave you feeling like true Rajput Royalty. With it’s intricate paintings and carvings mixed will leave you in awe and there isn’t a corner you wouldn’t want to snap! While there are bigger, more luxurious havelis in Rajasthan, this one will make you feel welcomed, warm and taken care of – at all times. Been to the haveli? Check out their palace or the lodge!


4. Evolve Back, KabiniIn the heart of Kabini, mud villas with thatched roofs welcome you to connect back with earth.  This place is a harmony between luxury and nature. With a host of experiences to pick from and delicious food options, it’s the perfect spot to recharge and energize. 


5. Khyber, Gulmarg – While it’s heated indoor pool catches all the eyes, there is more to Khyber than that. Exquisite Kashmiri wazwan for the culinary one, best ski slopes for the adventurous one, unique walking trails for the one who wants to just take it all in! Khyber has something for everyone. 


6. Aman- I- Khas, Ranthambore – Luxury tents, step swimming pool, exclusive safaris, handpicked farm to table food, traditional massages and more. Aman-I-Khas is what luxury safaris are made of. With just about 10 tents, you’re never part of a crowd. Part of the luxurious Aman group, you’ll find the impeccable taste, courteous staff and a never say no concierge service. 


7. Taj Safaris, Kanha – Bandhavgarh – Pench We promised we won’t add the known names to this list but the safaris across Madhya Pradesh organised by Taj are phenomenal and it would be a crime not to include it. Each one hosts guests in naturally made machans, huts and luxury tents. Their in house naturalists ensure you get the most out of all your safari experiences. 


8. Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra – I think we love this property a little more than we should and hence even though it’s famous and known, we had to include it in our list. Romantics at heart, a view of the glorious Taj Mahal from your room is enough to sell us on this. Club this with the Oberoi hospitality, rooftop views, gorgeous water bodies and we’re sold.


9. Glenburn Tea Estate, Darjeeling – What can be better than sipping some exquisite tea in the lawns of a tea estate, in darjeeling! The Glenburn estate is the perfect symphony of old world charm, gorgeous vistas and delightful tea. You can explore tea gardens, see how the tea is made, take long walks along the estate, visit the bustling town of Darjeeling, or just read a book outside while sipping on some delicious home grown tea. 


10. Sujan Sher Bagh, Jawai and Serai – Yes, we know we’re clubbing 3 properties in 1 but we couldn’t pick our favourite of the three. Sujan does such a fantastic job of offering authentic local caravan-like experience. You’ll feel like a royal gypsy in the middle of Rajasthan. Their luxury tents, really good food (we mean, really good), local excursions, spa and hospitality will leave you in awe. We promise! 


We’ve had to remove some of our other favourites to keep this list at 10. Tell us which is your favourite and where you’d like to travel to next. 


All images used are from property official websites or google. Please reach out to us for credits, we’ll be happy to share. We do not claim any credit for these. 


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