Must Have Travel Accessories

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We all love being geared up for our adventures and it’s always a plus if it’s good for the environment, stylish and easy to use. We’ve listed some of our favourite travel accessories we don’t leave home without.


  • Life straw: We can’t stress enough on how much of a lifesaver these are! You never have to search for perfectly clean water or buy water bottles which harm our beautiful planet. Fill tap water and let them do their magic. There are some great new companies out there offering these too, like these trendy ones from Larq. If you don’t have this, make sure you always carry a reusable water bottle with you so you can fill up at the hotel or in cafe’s. 

  • Travel Mug: If you’re a coffee/tea fan, like us, a handy travel mug can save tonnes of landfill. These are easy to carry, keep your coffee hot and iced teas cold! Bonus: Most cafes around the world offer a discount if you bring your own reusable cups. We love the S’well tumblers for a larger order and these cute coffee mugs that are insulated and come with a handle. 

  • A good mask: COVID times or even post it need everyone to be masked up! A good comfortable mask that’s effective and reusable is your best bet when you travel. While airlines may have specific mask requirements, other times we like to slip into one of reusable ones with the right filter to keep us and those around us safe. We love the Atoms copper wire mask for when we’re outdoors and not in crowded spaces. For indoors, we feel safe in this GIR silicone reusable mask. Whatever mask you wear, make sure you’re wearing the right filter with it and always go back to a trusty N95 for crowded indoor spaces. 


  • The perfect carry on case: One of the many reasons why we love over landing is that you can pretty much pack whatever you want or need into your car. However, the few times we aren’t this lucky and need to catch a plane, we love a good trusty carry-on which is smooth to pull, sturdy enough to be thrown around a bit, spacious enough for all our essentials and light enough so it doesn’t take up our weight allowance. We are big fans of Away’s carry on and while it’s pricey, we can’t seem to get enough of it. 


  • A dependable backpack: For those backpacking trips, day hikes and more. A dependable backpack goes a long way whether it’s one part of your luggage or all of it. One that’s weatherproof, good on the shoulders, with enough pockets and spacious. There are so many great options to choose from, we love the backpacks and daypacks from Osprey, Thule and Patagonia for our adventures. Our more recent favourite for city adventures are the ones from Dagne Dover


  • A trusty travel jacket: Most flights are freezing so even if you’re headed to a tropical paradise, chances are you’ll need something to keep you toasty on the plane. A light down jacket is perfect because it’s warm yet very packable so they don’t take up much space. We’re big fans of  Uniqlo’s Ultra light down jackets and also Tumi’s puffer jacket because it doubles up as a neck pillow for those never ending journeys. 


  • Plenty Organisers: We’re talking about everything from organising your cables, travel documents, toiletries and more. The more organised you are, the easier when you get to security or at immigration! This is our current favourite toiletries bag and always make sure you’re storing your liquids in a clear bag that can be pulled out because no one likes to be pulled out at security! Psst: This one comes with a detachable clear bag. Not to forget the tech cables which run aplenty these days, this one is large enough for keeping all your cables intact and even stow your hard disks or small devices. 


  • Universal converter: A good converter is like true love (hear me out), it’s adaptable, always ready for new adventures, keeps you charged and going and never lets you down. Well, okay, maybe it isn’t like true love but it comes damn close especially when you find your camera battery running low across the globe. There are so many options out there and you can pick any one, just make sure it’s truly universal and has multiple USB slots in it so you can charge multiple devices in one go!


  • Some Reusable Cutlery: Can’t tell we love our planet? Here’s another planet saving accessory we always have in our bag. Reusable cutlery and straws are great for when you’re on the road, just getting coffee, picnicking outdoors or on a hike. They are so handy and (not to forget) cute that you would love showing them off. Our favourites are these little collapsable sets from Outlery, the terrazzo cutlery sets from W&P and these silicon straws from GIR. PS: Always pick silicone reusable straws over metal ones when you’re on the road. They are easier to use through any bumps along the way. 


  • A Packable Bag: For when you end up with more stuff on your way back than on the way there. We’ve all experienced this and if someone says they haven’t, they’re lying! A handy packable tote or backpack always comes handy and takes up little to no space. It’s also great for those day trips/ shopping days so you never have to ask for a plastic or carry bag from the store. Herschel has some great options for not just backpacks but also duffles and of course there is the iconic Le Pliage which will keep you looking stylish no matter where. We never said packable bags weren’t stylish!  

Tell us your favourite one and let us get you all set for your next adventure!

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