5 Best Road-Trips to take in 2023

Top Road Trips to take in 2023

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List of the top 5 driving holidays you could take in 2023.

5 Best Road-Trips to take in 2023

As cliche as it sounds , we truly believe in the age-old adage that the “Journey is more important than the destination”. We genuinely believe that driving through a country gives one the opportunity to experience it in its truest form, by witnessing its changing landscapes and cultures.

Here are some of our favourite road-trips!


A road-trip across Namibia is one of the greatest adventures one can embark on. With more than 60% of the roads being gravel, it’s definitely an adventurous road-trip! 

You will be driving across one of the World’s oldest deserts – The Kalahari, where you can explore the massive red dunes which meet the Atlantic ocean, as you navigate the Skeleton Coast National Park.

A “self–drive game-drive” through Etosha National Park is exotic to say the least with the chance of coming up close to the big 5. The stunning vistas and moonscape of Damaraland are a highlight, especially as you immerse yourself in the culture of the Himba people. 

If you’re looking for a bit more inspiration to road-trip through Namibia, watch “The Grand Tour Namibia Special” and live Clarkson, Hammond and May’s adventure through this African wonderland.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of our favourite road-trips to take. Not only because the terrain is breathtaking, but also because of its beautiful panoramic views, quaint little towns to stop by for a coffee and all the adventure you can chase!

Start your drive through the North Island exploring the Coromandel peninsula, making your way down to the Geothermal springs in Rotorua.  If you are short of time, we do advise doing the South Island loop, as that is where the real fun lies. 

Explore the vineyards of Marlborough before the adventure starts. Drive into Fox Glacier for a glacier hike, and then up to Mount Cook where you must venture out to kayak through the glacial waters. Spend a few days in Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world, before driving to Te Anau for a romantic cruise through Milford Sound.

The drives through the islands are mesmerising, with a beautiful lake, pretty much around every corner!


Bhutan is a vibe! The happy locals, relaxed pace of life, beautiful local architecture & simple lifestyles, especially as you drive towards Eastern Bhutan, is hard to put into words!

While Paro, Thimphu & Punakha, comprise the usual tourist circuit, and for good reason (Tigers Nest, Punakha Dzong etc.), we truly feel that you get to experience “Authentic Bhutan” once you start moving further east – towards Phobhjiba, Bumthang, Mongar and beyond!

Most roads in Bhutan (up till Bumthang) are well tarred double-laned tracks, however, we do recommend taking the smaller ( & broken) country roads to explore lesser known places like Tang & Ura Valley.

We love taking such routes and stopping by at farm-homes in the countryside for a cup of tea, and learning more from the locals about their way of life, who are always happy to host you and showcase their world!

It is worthwhile to take note of the new laws pertaining to Indians (and Indian vehicles) while planning a road-trip through Bhutan.


A road trip through Kyrgyzstan is a true overlanders delight. The sparsely populated Tian Shan mountains cover 80% of the country, making it an exotic driving holiday.

With the capital city, Bishkek, and Osh, being the only major cities in the country, you’re pretty much in the countryside for the whole time. During the summers the green pastures are dotted with Yurts, where the Kygyz shepherds graze their cattle, and happily welcome you for a drink of Kumis! The locals are extremely proud of their heritage, and are always keen to involve you and make you experience their culture.

The valleys of Chon Kemin and Jeti Oguz make for serene panoramic views. However, the highlights for us are the days spent by the high altitude lakes of Son Kul and Kel Su.

If you’re looking to go deep into the countryside, then a 4×4 SUV is recommended, and if you’re planning to drive closer to the winters, then it is a must!


Extreme altitude, rolling mountains, massive glaciers, beautiful rivers and small remote villages make up for your views on this drive! With road-connectivity now improving and connecting Zanskar directly to Manali as well as Leh, we truly feel this is the next big road-trip that you must embark on within India. 

Start your journey from Manali, driving by the holy mountain: Gombo Ranjan, and make your way to Purne, stopping by for a day trek to Phutkal Monastery. The journey onwards takes you to Padum, you’re gateway into Zanskar.

As you drive from Padum to Rangdum, you get to witness India’s second largest Glacier – Drang Drung! Be prepared for a bumpy drive as roads in many portions are dirt tracks recently cut out of the mountain, often covered by rivulets making for fun water crossings. The new road from Padum to Lamayuru is an adventurous one with 45° gradients on offer, making it hard for motorbike and 2WD vehicles!

What do we love the most about this route? The lack of traffic, which we truly feel is a blessing. You can enjoy the drive and the passes without the maddening crowds that have taken over the more popular routes around Leh. 

OneLatitude conducts guided family driving holidays throughout the year to these destinations and more. If you love a road-trip, and are planning one for 2023, have a look at our upcoming trips in 2023


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