Driving in the Snow – Our top 5 tips!

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We don’t think there is anyone who isn’t mesmerised by fresh snow covering mountains and valleys! Driving through fresh powder when it’s all white for KMs is a dream and one everyone should experience. Which is why, we put done some quick tips for driving in the snow.


Hot Tip I – Vehicle Check

Sounds basic, but it’s so important to get your vehicle checked up before you head for a winter expedition. Ensure that your tyres have good tread and that your windshield wipers and headlamps are working well. Get your oils topped up and if you are going to extreme temperatures, -15¬įC and lower, do check with your service provider if you need to change your coolant.


Hot Tip II – Be well Equipped

Always plan for emergencies. They’re called emergencies for a reason ūüôā

Depending upon the nature of your trip, your emergency supplies could include a warm blanket or sleeping bag (in case you have to sleep in the car), a few munchies, and some extra warm clothes.

In addition to that, make sure you have your basic vehicle tool kit. It is also advisable to carry a shovel, a tow strap with a shackle, an air pump and snow chains that correctly fit your tyre size. Make sure that you have tried installing your snow chains yourself beforehand so that you know how to do so when required.


Hot Tip III – Leave on time

Yup! This one’s a biggie. Leave when you plan to and avoid any delays. It takes considerably longer to drive the same route when it’s exposed to the elements. Apart from the increased drive time, it may also take you a lot longer to start your journey. Account for time to heat up your vehicle as well as clean all the snow off your front and rear windscreen & headlights.¬†


Hot Tip IV – No sudden actions

Accelerate, brake and turn S L O W!

Gentle acceleration reduces your wheel spin. This will keep your vehicle from skidding. Use the second gear to drive off if required. Identify a comfortable speed, get it right and maintain a constant without needing to change gears at regular intervals. 

Avoid any breaking unless absolutely necessary. Use neutral to get your vehicle to a rolling stop if possible. You can also shift a gear down to use engine braking, however, ensure a smooth downshift.


Hot Tip V – Increased breaking time

Depending upon your speed, your car can take at least ten times the normal distance to stop on breaking. Account for this and keep an appropriate gap with the vehicles ahead. 

While approaching a turn ensure you have braked well before you start turning the steering wheel.


PS –¬† Most Importantly: Plan the route!

Keeping an eye on the weather forecast, speaking to locals at your destination, getting road updates and accounting for snow related delays while planning your journey is key. This ensures that you are better prepared. But you don’t have to worry about this, that’s what we’re here for ūüôā¬†

Lastly, don’t panic. Enjoy your experience of driving on the snow and be mesmerised by the beautiful surroundings.


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