Spiti Food Guide

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What’s a trip without great food! Cuisines are such an important part of every culture and give deeper insights into any community, Spiti is no different.

Explore quaint villages and offbeat tracks of the Spiti valley along with some delicious local food. Take a step away from visited dhabas and restaurants and into the quiet kitchen of locals where you can (almost) see the magical confluence of Pahadi food with Tibetan. A sweet mishmash which will leave you wanting for more.

Here are our top 5 dishes you must try in the valley and we’re here to make sure you get to experience these on our off-beat Spiti trips.

  • Siddu: There is a reason this bread takes so long to prepare. Himachali Siddu is soft and delicious, more so when it’s topped with ghee or butter. Often stuffed with a variety of ingredients like walnuts, opium seeds etc this is the perfect accompaniment to any curry dish or eaten just by itself. While you find this in Spiti as well, it’s most popular in the Kinnaur and Kullu districts of Himachal


  • Thenktuk: The quintessential Tibetan soup noodles for the soul. With options like mutton, chicken or just vegetables to choose from, this one doesn’t disappoint.  


  • Tingmo: Tingmo is a local Tibetan bread made of fermented dough. Usually in a swirled round round shaped, it’s steamed like a momo. Tingmo is served with non vegetarian or vegetarian stew and makes for a wholesome meal!


  • Black Peas: There isn’t any food more quintessential Spiti as black peas! You’ll find fields of it as you drive by the valley and at every local’s home. Cooked in a similar ‘daal’ style, they form an essential part of most meals


  • Seabuckthorn Juice/Tea: You can’t leave spiti without trying seabuckthorn in one form or another! High in vitamin C and with many other benefits it’s consumed either as a juice or more often as a brewed tea. It’s tangy and delicious!


PS: Namak Chai or Butter Tea- To wash it all down, this warm buttery salty cup of himalayan tea will warm you up and set you for the next leg of your mountain journey. Made with himalayan pink salt, yak butter and tea leaves – this is one tea you haven’t tried before! Not everyone develops a taste for it so it’s best to try a little before you indulge in a whole cup. 

Tell us, what are you most excited to try on your next trip to this valley. 


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