Sustainable Tips – Travel Edition!

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Oftentimes, we hear people say they aren’t able to achieve an environmentally sustainable way of life and therefore give up on it. It’s the same when people try to put in 1 hour of exercise every single day and when they can’t, they give up altogether or when you have 1 binge day and you just decide to let go of eating healthy. 

Doing good, need not be perfect. Trying to save the planet and our own selves, need not be perfect. We need all those little steps to make a giant leap in environmental sustainability. Like we say #persistenceoverperfection

So let’s take some baby steps, not just in our everyday but also when we travel, so we can slowly take the bigger ones. 

Shared Cabs/Public Transport: When we aren’t driving, we are big fans of exploring the public transport of new cities we travel to. It’s a great way to really get to know a city and it’s great for the environment. Who knows, you may meet your next best travel friend in that uber pool you opted for! Hot tip: You can opt for an electric vehicle when you rent a car locally, more and more cities around the world are now electric friendly!

Look at the carbon footprint of your flights: We know flights aren’t great for the environment but in today’s day and age, they are also highly unavoidable. However, it’s always good to check emissions as they can vary between flights to the same destination depending on the route they take and the type of aircraft. There are many places to check this including google flights! 

Pick eco properties: These are popping up everywhere like little gnomes! But let’s be sure we pick a true eco property Vs one that’s just green washing their way to the bank. Make sure you check their certification online and see their practices in person. Also, just because you opt for an eco property, doesn’t mean you can’t live in luxury. Check out CGH Earth, they have great properties all over India while still committing to being sustainable. Now that’s a win-win.  

Refuse single use plastic: That carrybag, that starbucks lid, the straw in your cocktail. Yes, all of them. Make it a point to let the server know while ordering that you won’t be requiring them so they don’t accidentally add them to your drink. 

Carry an extra bag: A simple cotton tote, tucked in your larger bag will save the planet hundreds of carry bags which end up in landfill and in our oceans. Use this reusable tote for groceries, shopping or even bringing back extra souvenirs. Make sure you always have a packable tote in your backpack.

Carry a reusable bottle: Yes, the little things matter. Always have a reusable bottle in your bag and fill it up at every available water booth. Not just is it great for our planet, it also saves you money buying water throughout the day! Hot Tip: If you’re an avid coffee/tea drinker like us, carry a reusable coffee cup with you. Some coffee shops even give you extra coffee or charge you less when you do this. 

Reusable Cutlery: Doesn’t hurt to have your own reusable straw, forks and knives for when you bring take out home, at a picnic or if you’re just out on a hike. Every little thing that doesn’t end up in landfill- counts. 

Ofcourse all these are small steps, but ones we can start taking. Don’t worry if you can’t do it all, even 1 is better than none 🙂

You can read more about our Responsible Travel Initiatives here.

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