Why a walking holiday is just what you need!

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Covid’s done a number on all of us! Being cooped up at home, working long hours behind our desks with little to no outdoor activity has gotten to even the best of us. Here’s why we think a walking holiday is just what the doctor ordered –

Stuck Indoors

It’s safe to say that most of us have been stuck indoors for the past two years. Heck, some of us even miss that monotonous drive to work. Who knew being stuck in traffic was something we’d miss!

A walking holiday gives you the chance to get back outdoors and be one with nature, a healing experience to say the least. 

And when we say outdoors, imagine walking along streams and glaciers, waking up to a beautiful sun-rise, having your lunch in flowery meadows, drinking a glass of wine under the milky way, and the beautiful bright blue summer sky!

Away from the Crowds

While most of us are keen to travel, we are still looking for safe ways, and what better way than a hike across some of the lesser known trails of Lahaul

We are talking exclusive campsites (not fixed ones), private cooks, small teams and expert guides, and traveling in our own bubble to ensure safety and freedom (from masks) at all times!

Let’s get healthy

After months of work from home, netflix and chill a walking holiday gives you the chance to straighten your backs and get some much needed exercise all while enjoying the experience of the outdoors.

We’re not talking of hectic walks, but more like day hikes followed by a meditation, yoga, movement therapy session, or even just a riverside picnic! This isn’t gonna just help you physically but also mentally!

Get Inspired

We truly feel that the great outdoors rejuvenate our mind, and helps one get their creative juices flowing, and we’re sure many of you need exactly that!

Try something new

Many of us have not really walked the Himalayas thinking that a “trek” may not be our cup of tea, or we may not be fit enough. Our walking holidays are for all, and in fact are more walks than treks!


What’s more you ask? You get a chance to learn some cool new things such as bouldering and movement therapy from our trip leaders!

Our Miyar Valley walking holiday is scheduled to start on the 14th of May. The trip has been planned to keep you safe at all times, with boutique stays at the start and end, and our own exclusive campsite during the course of the trip. To know more click here.

All pictures used are by BanjaraTrails 

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