5 Experiences on a trip to Rajasthan

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The land of maharajas! Rajasthan is famous the world over for it’s grandeur and the palatial forts and palaces. Host to multiple principalities and royal families, the rich culture and heritage of the state is what attracts visitors from all over. 

Here are our top 5 experiences which you must do when traveling to this state!


Drive on unmapped roads: Rajasthan is home to some of the best highways in India but things get interesting when you step away from them into the desert roads. A true thrill for anyone who enjoys driving, head away from the main highways and into the by roads of the desert national park or maybe test some of your skills at the Sambhar Salt Lakes

Stay in luxury: You can’t go to Rajasthan and not experience the true Rajputana hospitality at one of the many palatial hotels and boutique properties the state is dotted with. Whether you’re looking for opulent luxury or boutique properties, there is something for everyone.


Picnic in the wild: Because eating food at hotels is too passe! Rajasthan with it’s wild open spaces, desert landscape and beautiful dunes makes for some perfect picturesque picnic spots with your loved ones. Enjoy delicious Rajasthani food in the middle of nowhere! 


Try some exclusive experiences: Don’t just do the usual! Try something new on your journey through Rajasthan – maybe stay in a camp set up exclusively for you, or head out for a leopard safari, spend time with locals and learn about their local opium traditions or even hear folk tales under the stars. There is so much that’s offered! 


Head into the dunes: What’s a trip to Rajasthan without experiencing the sand dunes! Roll down a dune, try some dune bashing in a  4X4, take a camel cart into the dunes to a mini oasis or just sip some hot tea as you enjoy the views. 


With so much to offer, it isn’t a wonder why Rajasthan is one of the top destinations in India to visit. So when are you planning your trip here?

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