Women and the Great Outdoors!

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The joy of the great outdoors is for all, gender irrespective! However, across the world and even more so in India we find fewer women on trails or pursuing adventure sports and activities. While a lot may have to do with their free will, for many it’s a matter of ‘not being sure’ if they can cope with the challenges of being outdoors.

I mean, we’ve all tried to limit our water intake when we don’t see a restroom around on a road trip! 


Here we are with some tips from our co-founder, Simran, on how she takes on the great outdoors.

Don’t get intimidated

It’s very easy to be intimidated when you think about hiking the outdoors alone or even in a group of people. Most times, you will be surrounded by men and may even be the only woman out there. It’s ALRIGHT! Acknowledge what you’re feeling and move on. The outdoors are for everyone.

Pick a trustworthy operator 

This one is so important! Whether it’s your first time or your nth time heading outdoors, it’s important you pick an operator or a group you feel safe and comfortable with. It doesn’t have to be gender specific but it does need to be a recognized team which will ensure your safety and make you feel welcome 


Know your limitations 


This one really isn’t just for women, it’s for everyone heading outdoors. One must always acknowledge and be aware of what they cannot do – this is what keeps you safe in the wild. Most times accidents and mishaps occur when we try to overachieve and push ourselves beyond our capabilities. Know that staying safe is key to having a great experience. 


Pee & Poop


Yes, all of this! It isn’t easy to stop a group of 10 male hikers and inform them that you need to go take a leak or poop – we know! But it’s also important to move beyond the embarrassment and ask. The outdoors have multiple safe spots for you to do your business and all you need is  a group that makes you feel safe. If you’re hiking alone, try and make sure you don’t steer too off trail in an attempt to “not be seen”


When Aunt Flo Visits


And we know she always has the best (worst!!) timing. First things first, there is nothing to be shy or embarrassed about being on your period. You can share this with a fellow trekker or your trip leader if you need their help at any time. Changing your menstruation hygiene products and disposing them can be a challenge. Find a comfortable spot to do this (even if it’s outdoors), make sure you’re sanitizing your hands before and after, carry sanitary disposable bags and ziplocs where you can keep your used products and discard them when you hit a campsite/a place with a proper dustbin. You can also carry unscented wipes to ensure hygiene. Please don’t dispose off any non-biodegradable waste on the trek and bring it back to the city. 


Go with your gut


This one’s true not just for the outdoors but for whenever you’re traveling alone or otherwise. Listen to your gut, it knows! If you’re ever feeling uncomfortable about a situation or another person, speak up and ask for help. Your trip leaders are there for just that! They will always ensure that you feel comfortable and safe. 


Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! Want to head for a fun walking holiday this summer? Check out our Miyar Valley Trek and like we just said – it’s for everyone 🙂 

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